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 Requesting A Test

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Lelouch Vi Britannia

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PostSubject: Requesting A Test   Sun Mar 06, 2016 5:36 pm

I would like to request a test!
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Dueling Network Username : MightyToon
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PostSubject: Re: Requesting A Test   Sat Jun 18, 2016 3:16 am

Tester's Deck:

Testee's Deck:

Duel Results: /25
10 per win bonus  5 if both duels are won

Deck Commonness: /25
If expected to be a extremely common deck testee will receive a 0

Misplays: -2
For every misplay the testee will lose 2 points

Ruling Knowledge: /15
Based off of how the tester feels of the performance

Duel Skill: /25
Not based off wins but the testee's overall skill as a duelist

Flexibility: /10
Testee's ability to adapt to the circumstances of a duel

Duel Control: /20
Based of how the tester feels the testee controlled the duel

Use of Cards: /15
How well the testee used cards and their effects to his/her advantage

Deck Consistency: /15
How well the deck flowed and allowed something to be done

Concentration: /25
How well the testee paid attention, asking what happened or who attacked etc is bad attention

Card Knowledge: /25

Entrance Test Total Score: /200

Testee's Dorm Placement:
Reactan Black Dorm: 170 - 200
Stream Blue Dorm: 120 – 169
Lightning Green Dorm: 0 - 119

retests: u can buy 1 for 500 DP/ wait 2 weeks and get 1 for free

Do I get a badge for this?
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Requesting A Test
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