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 Chat Rules

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PostSubject: Chat Rules   Tue Apr 28, 2015 6:42 am

Chat rules:

1. Moderators
Only Moderators can use the commands for the chat.

2. No Spamming
No spamming or flaming on the chat.

3. No cursing
No cursing on the members specially to staff members.

4. Posting
No posting of other academies' site.

5. Prohibited Sites
Please, no posting of bad influences site like porn/viruses.

Banning from using chat:

1. Warning
We will warn you once.

2. Kick
We will kick you if you broke the rules twice.

3. Ban
We will ban you from chatting. Ban <= 24hours.

4. Ban from chatting
We will ban you for the rest of your life!(But you can still beg!).

5. Last Ban
That's it! We will ban you forever without mercy!
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Chat Rules
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