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 Rules and Regulations

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PostSubject: Rules and Regulations    Tue Apr 28, 2015 6:39 am

Rules and Regulations:

These are the rules to the whole forum. Not obeying them will make you subject of a warning or ban.
1. Spamming
Spam: Replying unnecessarily response like " lol/haha/okay " .
2. Flaming
No Fighting or Yelling at other members Respect everyone.
3. No Pornography
Porn will automatically ban you by your i.p. address which means that you will never be able to login/register here.
4. No Advertising
You cannot advertise in your signature either. I'm serious. Spam bots are NOT allowed and their IP's will be banned.
No exceptions to this rule.
5. No Swearing or Pseudo Swearing
Absolutely no Swearing. There are little children here that their parents really don't want then reading swears.
Pseudo swearing is using words like the real swears or stars (*) to hide swear words.
6. No Double Posting
Posting right after you just posted in the same topic is a Double post
Admin: Knights ROCK!
Unknown R: Yeah!
Unknown D: Best Clan Ever!

Not OK:
Unknown R: Knights clan is the best!
Unknown R: That I had in my life!
7. Listen to the Stuff Members
Do not argue with the staff they are always right. Even if they say that Yes do not argue it`s No.
8. No Backseat Modding
If someone just broke the rules. Do not post a reply that they just broke the rules. Just Report their Post.
9. English only!
That only so the Stuff can understand what you are saying.
It might be needed.
10. No double agent!
You need to have only 1 Academy! If we will know you! You'll get warned!

Banning Accounts:

1. Warning
If you break any 1 rules, you will be Warn once. Note: This will not be twice.
2. Ban
If you break a rules again, you will not be Warned but to be Ban Immediately. Note: Ban for 1 week.
3. Ban forever
Okey! That`s it! You don`t understand our rules and regulation!. Note: Ban for LIFE!
4. Asking and Begging
Don`t ever Ask us that you are so sorry for you have done `cause we don`t accept EXCUSES!
Don`t ever Beg us to Unban you `cause we Banned you `cause we don`t accept MERCY!
5. Last Ban
If you create an account again and Breaking Rules `cause we banned your Main Account that`s mean WE will BAN your IP ADDRESS![/size]
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Rules and Regulations
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